mSpy Review

mSpy is on our top list of mobile spy software that gives you a tool to spy on cell phone remotely from any smartphone or computer online.

Our life is totally flipped by era of smartphones. They are now part of our lives, and we have no way to go, to be true. Smartphones was created to be our helpers and to make our life easier. To be true, smartphones are usually mishandled by children and other family members and sometimes employees as well. So they use them not to communicate, but to waste time, money, search adult sites in web and talk to dangerous people in chats and social media. This is where spy software came as an answer. Yes, you can monitor smartphones if you have legal right to do that. You can use spy software with GPS tracking on your kids iPhone and Android if they are under 18 and they know you installed it, you also can install mobile spy software on your employees cell phone to track your employees when they are at work and use business phones.

Everything You Need to Know about cell phone spy mSpy

mSpy is the best actually working mobile spy solution for smartphones you want to monitor remotely. Installation process takes from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on what cell phone you want to install spy software. If you want to spy on Android phone you should always check if you need to root your device. Most mSpy features work properly on unrooted Android phone, but there are few, that required rooting, if you are ok that installation will take 3 minutes maximum.

iPhone istall process also takes under 10 minutes of your time, there is also an option to monitor iPhone remotely without jailbreak. As you know you can not install any programs except Appstore programs on iPhone if it is not jalbroken. If you don’t want to jailbreak iPhone, or it will look suspicious you have to know Apple id to track iPhone without jailbreak using mSpy spy software.

mSpy Review from a Real User

Does mSpy really work? Yes, mSpy really works. It usually works better that other applications available in web. You have to notice that Internet connection is vital for mSpy’s correct functioning. After installation you can log in to you control panel, and there already are all data that was on cell phone. So it takes only 5 minuts of physical access t cell phone and then you have remote access to all information on phone.

What will you track in Control Panel. You will get sms, Whatsapp text messages, skype messages, Viber and Snapchat messages. You also will tarck call logs, what number called, when and how long they talked. You will have access to all media files made with smartphone or transferred to smartphone that is tracked. Even when the photo or video is deleted you will still have copy in you Control Panel.

GPS tracking is the best part. I installed mSpy on my kids smartphone and now I can see where they are. Location of the iPhone and Android are tracked even when the Internet is down! Then in Control Panel you can see a map of locations and movements.

New Features From mSpy!

There are two important innovations, that make mSpy better than their competitors: keyword alerts and Geo-Fencing.

Keyword Alerts is a function that gives you an opportunity to receive alert, when you kid is using a word that you marked as dangerous. So there is no need to read everything your kid is typing, you just add a list of words that are inappropriate and can cause some damage in future. You will be alerted and informed by a message and email. So you can prevent disaster before it happens.

Geo-fencing works in similar way, but using GPS tracking and location tools. You can add locations and neighborhoods, which are safe for your kids: school, friends, swimming etc. If you kid for any reason leaves the location and goes in opposite direction you are alerted immediately, so you can call him, find him and make everything for kid to stay safe.

Compatible Phones and Devices

mSpy is compatible with almost any Android, iPhone and iPad devices, you can also install parental control mSpy on PC or Mac

Advanced Features from mSpy

mSPY without Jailbreak!

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